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Our mission is to provide education and entertainment to our fellow cat lovers. We cover everything cat-related including funny cats, cats in history, information about cat health, and more.

Our Story

Cats, Tips, And Catnip Trips

Who are we? My name is Robin Mudge and I run this blog under the direct supervision of my two gorgeous kitties, Manna and Dexter. They are my world! Together we created this blog for cat lovers like me, who view their cats as valued members of their family.

Playful Kitty’s journey began as an exploration into the world of cats in September 2013. It quickly grew and became a business. From my cats’ love of catnip was born the blog series, “Niptoons”, from the words “catnip” and “cartoons”. It features images of my cats doing the funny things that they do in comic book style. We also did a wide variety of different posts exploring the relationship between cats and humans throughout history, cat health and nutrition, and reviews and giveaways sponsored by all our favorite brands. In 2018, Playful Kitty won a BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Award for Best Video- Sponsored (you can view it here).

After a slew of technical difficulties, Playful Kitty is starting over in the spring of 2022. We’re bringing back all the things that our readers always loved, plus a brand-new website and logo. Join us as our journey continues to the next chapter!

The Cats

Manna And Dexter


Playful and sweet, Manna joined my family in July 2007. She was an abandoned kitten at only 3.5 weeks old! Manna’s favorite things are food, catnip, and toy mice. One striking characteristic Manna possesses is her loud voice. She has something to say about everything and my husband and I can’t get enough of her boisterous opinions.


Dexter was named after his graceful (dexterous) ability to walk and play. Joining our family as a kitten in June 2017, Dexter has always been enthralled with my husband. Those two are stuck together like glue. Some of Dexter’s favorite things include treats, silvervine, and feathers. He’s a big kitty with a gorgeous coat including a dark wishbone-like marking on either side.

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